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Joan Mitchell said “I carry my landscape with me”. For me it is “I carry my architecture with me”.
Having spent 30 years as an architect and graduated with an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins London, I bring these 2 disciplines together in my Practice as a Painter.
This results in internalised expression of space. I call it Spatial Expressionism.
At the core of my Practice is the idea that much of Form and Structure in Architecture is about compressed force energy in the things that make up a building, things like steel, concrete, bricks, tiles, glass, which in fact contain and hold space.
As a painter, I am playing with this idea in the medium of paint.
I express this idea of compression through the use of steamrollers, drills, large scale compressed ‘oil bricks’, construction brushes, palettes, knives, rollers in a unique process of painting.

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